a blot on the landscape

something that spoils the scenery; something that spoils an earlier comfortable situation

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • (a) blot on the landscape — a blot on the landscape phrase something that makes a place look less attractive, for example an ugly building Thesaurus: ugly thingssynonym Main entry: blot * * * a blot on the ˈlandscape idiom an object, especially an ugly building, that spoils …   Useful english dictionary

  • (a) blot on the landscape — something which looks unpleasant and spoils a pleasant view. That new chemical factory is a real blot on the landscape …   New idioms dictionary

  • a blot on the landscape — Meaning Something that spoils the view or ruins a previously comfortable situation. Origin T.E. Lawrence used it in a letter in 1912. Tom Sharpe published a novel Blott on the Landscape in 1975 …   Meaning and origin of phrases

  • a blot on the landscape — something that makes a place look less attractive, for example an ugly building …   English dictionary

  • blot — blot1 [blät] n. [ME < ?] 1. a spot or stain, esp. of ink 2. anything that spoils or mars, esp. by providing an unpleasant contrast [that shack is a blot on the landscape] 3. a moral stain; disgrace vt. blotted, blotting …   English World dictionary

  • blot — [[t]blɒ̱t[/t]] blots, blotting, blotted 1) N COUNT: N on n If something is a blot on a person s or thing s reputation, it spoils their reputation. ...a blot on the reputation of the architectural profession... This drugs scandal is another blot… …   English dictionary

  • landscape — land|scape1 [ lænd,skeıp ] noun ** 1. ) count an area of land that is beautiful to look at or has a particular type of appearance: a green, rural landscape the rugged landscape of the high sierra a blot on the landscape (=something that spoils a… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • landscape — 1 noun 1 (C) an area of countryside or land, considered in terms of how attractive it is to look at: the beauty of the New England landscape in autumn | a desolate urban landscape 2 (C) a picture showing an area of countryside or land: Cézanne s… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • blot — blot1 [blɔt US bla:t] v past tense and past participle blotted present participle blotting [T] 1.) to make a wet surface become dry by pressing soft paper or cloth on it 2.) blot your copybook BrE informal to do something that spoils the idea… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • blot — I = blot up blot UK [blɒt] / US [blɑt] or blot up UK / US verb [transitive] Word forms blot : present tense I/you/we/they blot he/she/it blots present participle blotting past tense blotted past participle blotted to remove liquid from the… …   English dictionary

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